Passionate about social media, helping others be the best they can be, and promoting Charlotte to the world. Obsessed with solving problems and curating content. Happiest when connecting with people, going on foodventures, and traveling the world with a camera in hand. 


Hi, my name is Kseniya and I have a minor obsession with travel and a major love for all things Digital Marketing.

I've worked for companies large and small, and many in-between, giving me a unique perspective on the tactics necessary to grow the brand from nothing to something amazing. I have been the Jane-of-all-Trades in my past roles, which gave me the opportunity to learn each companies inside and out, improving processes, and figuring out what I really wanted to do with my career. During my journey to figure out what I wanted to be I learned what I didn't want to do (which is just as important) and how to navigate today's job market and how truly important it is to have a strong personal brand.

And most importantly, I wanted to help individuals elevate their own brand.

When I'm not dreaming about my next destination, I'm helping individuals realize their highest potential by helping them build their personal brand and managing digital marketing for various business. I also take on short and long-term projects, train folks in all aspects of social media, and manage a communication team for the local chapter of the American Marketing Association.

My free time is spent traveling with my husband, keeping my adventurous toddler alive, moonlighting as a freelance writer, and going on epic eating adventures with friends.

Drop me a note to see how we can work together!