Geek Girl Tech Conference Presentations (2014)


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Personal Branding

Title: What is a Personal Brand and how do you build one?
Prerequisite: None
Description: Personal branding is such a hot topic right now yet so few people do anything about theirs until they miss an important opportunity (a dream job, a client, etc.). Learn how to build yours from the ground up and never miss out on amazing opportunities ever again.
Degree of Difficulty: All levels.

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Social Media Marketing Time Management

Title: Social Media Marketing Time Management 
Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of major social media platforms.
Description: Are you building a personal brand, a solopreneur, an entrepreneur, a start-up, a or small business and are overwhelmed by everything that you have to do on a daily basis PLUS have time to market yourself or business online? I feel you. This session will cover tips of the social media marketing trade on how to manage your presence on social media without loosing your mind and leave you armed with tools to tackle every day like a pro.
Degree of Difficulty: Beginner, Intermediate

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Social Media Panelists: Hannah Levinson, Davida Jackson, and Kseniya Martin

   Winner of Most Tickets Sold


Winner of Most Tickets Sold