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Preppy Pet Charlotte

Director of Marketing

Developed a marketing strategy to grow brand awareness, client base, and revenue.


Duties | Accomplishments | Work Samples


  • Administer all business marketing operations, advertisement campaigns, and event marketing

  • Create short-, mid-, and long-term business and marketing strategy

  • Identify, develop, and consult client on business growth opportunities

  • Audit existing digital assets and create additional ones as needed

  • Create content marketing strategy, calendar, guidelines, and plan

  • Create and manage e-mail marketing campaigns, templates, automation, and list building opportunities

  • Create, curate, and mange marketing campaigns, promotions, events, and hashtags

  • Assist in developing relationships with influencers, organizations, local publications, neighboring business, etc.

  • Build following, engage with community, and provide customer service via digital channels

  • Develop and manage contests to increase brand awareness, increase social media follows and engagement, and increase newsletter subscriptions

  • Set budget, create strategy, and tailor ad messaging for various customer personas on Facebook, Instagram, and Google ad platforms

  • Build following, engage with community, and provide customer service via digital channels

  • Manage feedback and customer reviews on Google, Yelp, and Facebook

  • Design and manage visual assets and content

  • Create and update printed collateral; source printing vendors, negotiate pricing, review and place orders

  • Create strategy for events, manage lead generation programs, and provide on-site support

  • Develop and manage referral program to grow client base and establish loyalty with existing clients

  • Utilize social selling techniques to engage with existing and potential clients to increase revenue



  • Average monthly YOY daycare occupancy growth: 54%

  • Instagram followers: 72% growth

  • Facebook followers: 55% growth


Work Samples

Instagram Story Highlights

Promoting online customer reviews, current deals, upcoming events, giveaways/contests, daycare and boarding rates, pet report cards, and customer highlights.


Monthly Unlimited Daycare Campaign

Assets created: e-mail blasts, Instagram and Facebook posts, Instagram and Facebook ads, Instagram Story Highlight, and Google Ads.

One Year Anniversary Campaign

Five week celebration of Preppy Pet Charlotte including multiple giveaways, newsletter sign-up drive, debut of the monthly unlimited package, and 10- and 25-day daycare package discounts.

Sample of Local Media Shout Outs