Geek Girl Tech Conference 2014 

Top 10: Personal Branding


  1. Set clear goals on what you want to achieve (dream job, type of clients, etc.)
  2. Rome wasn't built in one day, neither will your personal brand. Take it one day at a time. 
  3. Give to give, not give to get. Help others. It's not about you, it's about them. Always add value.
  4. Focus on topics related to your personal brand. Keep your brand consistent across all social media platforms.
  5. Use the 4-1-1 posting method.
  6. Don't drink and tweet. Or text. Or post to social media under the influence. Exercise good judgment when posting personal opinions and photos.
  7. You are what you read.
  8. Be visible, stay top of mind.
  9. Find one area of your personal brand to improve weekly.
  10. Nurture your connections and take it off-line.