Friday Five: An Introduction


You are what you eat.

You are what you read.

And you are the average of the company you keep.


What we feed our brain is just as important as what we feed our bodies and the people we surround ourselves with either push us to be better (eat better, consume quality information) or pull us down into the mindless gutter with them. 

Choose your sources and the people you spend time with wisely.


Friday Five is a weekly series rounding out the top five (and sometimes more!) pieces of valuable information that I learned that week. It may have come from fellow business owners, mentors, webinars, articles, books, etc. What is the point of knowledge if you do not share it? Some weeks it will be themed, most weeks it will not.

My biggest hope is that you too learn something valuable that betters you.




Hello and welcome to my new blog, SAUDIENCE!

Part of the re-branding and re-design of my business was to revamp my blog, however, I decided to start fresh. 




It's a combination of two words: social and audience.


I went full time with my business three years ago. It was the easiest and most gratifying career decision I have ever made. It was also the scariest and the riskiest career decision I have ever made to date.

That year I read a book titled Audience*  and met the author, Jeffrey K. Rohrs, at Charlotte AMA's Market Charlotte event where he spoke about his book and building a social audience. My biggest takeaway, even though already knew it as fact, is that a brand cannot survive without an audience. And not just any audience, an engaged audience. You must grow it, nurture it, and treat it like an asset. That evening sparks flew inside my head and thus the seed for SAUDIENCE was planted. As time went on, I became obsessed with the topic and put into practice growing and nurturing social audiences for my clients.

What to expect from the SAUDIENCE blog

The blog will cover a variety of topics such as client case studies, marketing tips and tricks, social media industry news, career tips, and so much more! 

Is there a topic you would like for me to cover? Reach out to me via e-mail! I'd love to hear from you.


P.S. You can find my old blog by clicking here.


*Affiliate link.