The Big Push

The big push to get my professional personal brand out there, loud and proud, came this past Tuesday when I participated in a webinar lead by Corporate Executive Board.  The topic was Social Selling, something that I have not had a lot of exposure to and was excited to learn more about the topic. After a couple of slides, Jill Rowley (the Eloqua EloQueen) came on the line and I was immediately sold… on her.  She said a lot of things that resonated with me and in turn I blew up her up Twitter notifications because I wanted to capture as much as possible.  Not only did I learn about how sales reps can use social media but also how to build your personal brand.

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I have a personal brand already, but not on a “professional” one.  It’s how I’ve learned what I know about social media to date.  Like Jill, I’m on my smart phone, checking tweets, instagrams, pinning, etc. when I first wake up, when I have a moment at lunch, and then throughout the evening and right before I go to bed.  Jill also said that she doesn’t believe in work/life balance because she just lives her life.  This made a few of my colleagues cringe but she’s right.  Work doesn’t feel like work when you’re doing something you love.  Loving what you do makes a huge difference.  I love social media, I love creating content, I love being a part of this wonderful brave new world.

If you're a member of Corporate Executive Board, you can check out the webinar here.

…and out of hundreds of people on the webinar, my Q&A question was the first to be answered.  Way to make a person feel special!

Jill – thank you for being who you are and being the final push for me to get this “personal branding party” started.

What was your big push or “aha” moment to start building your personal brand?  How did you do it?

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