The Secret to a Strong Branding Message

The article, The Secret to a Strong Branding Message? Focus, popped up in my LinkedIn feed early this morning.  It's as if the LinkedIn angels knew that I was about to get off track and pick the five things I'm best at and run with it.  "Not so fast," they said, "pick ONE!"

My favorite line is about sacrifice: 

Positioning is the art of sacrifice -- of sacrificing the things you could be to uncover the one thing you should be.

You can't  be all things to all people so how do you position yourself?  The author suggests the following:

  1. Create a core message that has an emotional and a rational side so that you can connect with people's hearts and minds.
  2. The message needs to be believable. 
  3. The core message needs to be relevant to a group of potential customers.  One must also ensure that there's a market opportunity, i.e. setting up a lemonade stand on Mars with no potential customers to purchase the lemonade.
  4. Keep it simple. 


Read the whole article here.

What is your personal branding message?