Travel Tuesday: China & Social Media

It’s #TravelTuesday and I’ve got China on my mind.  In less than a week I will be embarking on my second trip to China and my to-do list keeps growing.  Mark one item off only to add five more. 

It amazes me how much has changed since the last time I have traveled there, specifically digital marketing and social media.  All Western social media platforms that I use daily are blocked, except for LinkedIn, by the “Great Firewall of China” (GFC).  This got me curious, what is social media like in China?  So I googled my little heart out, like I always do with any topic that sparks interest. 

Turns out the Chinese have their own networks (no surprise) and mobile is huge!  There are more mobile internet users than there are PC-based internet users.  [Gosh, I hope they have Wi-Fi everywhere!]

Below is an extensive SlideShare deck on social, digital and mobile usage in China.  The cliff notes version can be found here.


Usage and adaptation of social media is growing in China and the opportunity to tap into a market of 1,353,821,000 people is tempting but should be approached with cultural sensitivity.  Thankfully, there are marketing agencies that could help you enter the rapidly growing market and navigate the intricacies of Chinese government relations and culture.

I’m not only excited to explore the sights, sounds, culture, and food but also the intricacies of digital marketing in China!

Do you do business in China?  Does your brand have social media presence behind the GFC?

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